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Educating yourself on the philosophies of current adoption practice allows you to take control of your adoption journey from the very beginning. Gaining an understanding of individual adoption practices and ideologies will help you select the avenue in which you choose to adopt. Deciding what is important to you is your first parenting decision and will shape your entire adoption experience. 

Clinical Support Services

As you continue down this road, counseling at any juncture in your adoption can help alleviate stress and the toll this process takes on yourself and your personal relationships.

Support services help adoptive parents and birthparents navigate this delicate time. During the match, coming together to create a specific plan for ongoing contact ensures a mutual understanding and establishes a solid foundation for the future. 


Research continues to confirm that openness in adoption has the healthiest outcome for children. However, as time goes on, relationships can get complicated. Clinical intervention can help reestablish healthy and positive dynamics and preserve relationships for everyone's benefit. Adoption related issues that arise overtime can also be addressed through parenting support services, individual and family therapy.

"We cannot imagine having gone through this process without Jennifer by our side. From our first correspondence four and a half years ago, where we shared our hopes and then began a relationship with our daughter's birthmom, through our presence at our daughter's delivery and those subsequent, emotion-packed days, to the very present, where we continue to share with our daughter all aspects of her wonderful story, Jennifer has brought wisdom, sensitivity and comfort to all of us, helping to make the most complicated also the most joyous. We are forever thankful and grateful."

Doug and Barbara

"It was the hardest thing I have ever done to place my son for adoption but Jennifer was always there to comfort me. I have even had the opportunity, since placing over six years ago, to become a birthmother buddy to other girls who may need help in their situation. Jennifer encouraged me to work through my emotions and make the best decision for me. She was really a steady voice in such a shaky time of my life. I strongly believe that, had I worked with another company, I wouldn't have had such a beautiful outcome to this difficult journey."


"The whole adoption process can be very daunting at times.  Dr. Jennifer Bliss has been an invaluable person during this emotional process.  I have used her consulting services to assist me in creating my online profile and to connect me with adoption professionals who are a good fit for my needs.  She has also been a wonderful person to lean on in times of needing emotional support.  Whenever I am feeling frustrated, confused, or emotionally drained, Dr. Jen has been my “shoulder to cry on”, giving me the strength to continue with the process. The Twilight Series I have been attending have also been very supportive and informative.  It’s nice to know that you’re not alone in this process and it’s great to hear what other people have been through.  Dr. Jen's wealth of knowledge, information, and emotional support through my adoption process has been immeasurable.  I can’t thank her enough."




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